Travel Saddle

The only portable, collapsible, universal saddle holder made with locally sourced, eco friendly materials

Ultimate Space Saver

The idea for the Travel Saddle came about by lack of space in our family car in the mid 2000’s. When we would go to pony club events, we would often take another pony clubber, their tack and pony along. Small jeep plus two riders, and all their tack for eventing? Tight squeeze. 

So the Travel Saddle was born. Made light work of two saddles- as they are such awkward shapes- hats, boots, bridles and more fit in with ease. What was even more wonderful about it that when you removed the saddle, it collapsed. No extra heavy unit to take out of the car or have it sticking out on the stable bars, it was safe. 

Designed with sustainability in mind

Even though I had a very simple prototype of the Travel Saddle for many years, I developed it further with my Wood Working & Cameraman partner Joe. The side blocked were added in to stop the holder sliding off and also to be used between two car head rests or stable bars. Ash wood was used as it is hard wearing, and local to Ireland. The engraving was added to make the saddle holders personalized for each rider. The rope used was 100% cotton that is eco friendly, sustainable and so soft not to damage very precious saddles.

Travel Saddle Worldwide

When the product was launched in summer 2022, it was a success. Many Travel Saddles made their way around Ireland, to the UK , Europe, New Zealand and Australia. So many riders thrilled to have a lightweight, portable saddle holder that helped save so much space in the car. 

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