Providing evidence-based guidance and innovative  product solutions

Dedicated to bridging the gap between equine welfare and product development by offering tailored guidance and innovative solutions grounded in evidence-based research. My mission is to empower horse owners with accurate information and effective practices, enabling them to make informed decisions that prioritize their horses welfare.

Research, Education & Talks

Dive into the essential aspects of equine care and management through my informative presentations covering a range of research topics. From traditional horsemanship practices to the latest advancements in tack design, equine welfare, and product development, these sessions highlight the critical elements shaping the equestrian industry. Whether you’re an experienced horse owner or new to the world of equines, join me to understand and explore the intricacies of horse care and management.

  • Workshops in Horsemanship & Stable Management
  • Research presentation on topics from feeding & health to products & performance
  • Support for BHS & Pony Club Exams
Equine Advisor

With over two decades of expertise and a degree in Equine Science, I offer insights and guidance to increase the well-being of horses. With a deep-rooted passion for equine behaviour, training, feeding, and evidence based practices, I provide comprehensive consulting services tailored to address the unique needs of horses and their environment.

  • Horse Ownership Preparation
  • Stable Management & Facility Design
  • Care, Grooming & Feeding support
  • Horse troubleshooting (Behaviour/Training)
  • Tack recommendations & support
  • Questions Support and Advise
Product Development & Support

From initial design concepts to ensuring optimal functionality, I offer tailored support to ensure your products meet the needs of both horses and their owners. With over twenty years of horse experience, I give a unique equine perspective to projects and products.

  • Concept Design & Support
  • Product Testing and Reports
  • Providing an Equine Perspective for both horse and rider

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