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Liquid Titanium Hoods- Do they work?

Liquid Titanium Hoods

Liquid Titanium hoods have become popular on the competition circuit over the last few years. I have seen it most popular among showjumpers, and it appears on the Riding Club scene as well. These horse face hoods have claimed to reduce anxiety, reduce pain and even regulate body temperature levels. From the outside, this looks like a great product that will calm my horse drug-free, but does it really work?

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Does Girth shape affect my horse?

Girths come in all shapes and sizes

The choice of girth design, shape and size available on the market can be overwhelming, leaving many owners asking “what’s best for my horse?” There are brands that claim their girth can improve movement, make horses more comfortable and happier in their work. But do the girths live up to the claim? I feel claims like this have become a trend in the equine industry, as we are all animal lovers and want the best for our horses. Equine brands take advantage of this when marketing products to us.

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How Tight is your Girth?

Over the years I have been asked many times at pony club lessons to “check your girth”. I was told that my girth was too loose and needed to be tightened. This would often be followed by an instructor hiking up the girth on my horse. I once heard an instructor reference a members horses girth was so loose “you can fit sandwiches in there”. Learning about horses at a young age, you will always look to your instructor and professional for guidance and help. So naturally I always assumed that a girth have to “very tight” in order to be secure in my saddle. I completed my undergraduate dissertation in the field of girthing and was enlightened by what research was out there.

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The Story of the Travel Saddle

My revolutionary travel saddle car storage system was born in 2011. I originally come from the Beara Peninsula (West Cork). There was only a handful of pony clubbers in the area at the time, so when we would set off to camp or competitions, we would double up on another pony and rider from the club. Going to camp with two ponies, riders and all the horse stuff, you need space….and we had a small jeep

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