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At this time, the FEI do not hold a certification process for approval of individual pieces of horse equipment. There is no way a bridle designer could submit a piece of tack and get a “stamp of approval by the FEI” (FEI spokesperson in Lausanne, Switzerland). At the moment the FEI “merely interprets the applicable FEI Rules and Regulations when it comes to individual tack and equipment”. There has been growing concern from the public and the equestrian community, along with scientists and vets for the FEI to create a welfare based, scientific approach to tack approval and update and enforce over tight noseband rules.

December 2022, the FEI banned the use of the “Quantum” bridle in competition. It stated that

“The noseband and cheekpiece are linked on both the snaffle and the double, and the bit does not have an independent action, so when tension is placed on the rein, and the bit is brought into action, the noseband is pulled onto the nasal bone of the horse”.

I do believe that bits should have independent action from the noseband, but do other FEI approved bridles do this?

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