I was delighted to receive a pair of Sandstorm Equestrian leggings recently. The brand is new to the scene, and it is Irish! I really love supporting Irish independent brands and have been keenly waiting for clothing ones to start to appear. Sandstorm have a range of influencers and content creators who have 10% discount codes for Sandstorms website so do have nose at their social media.


When I first put on my Hunter Green Sandstorm riding leggings, I was well chuffed with the fit and comfort. The leggings have a four way stretch, and that they very much do. They are squat proof! I am a size 8-10 in clothing and Amy (owner of Sandstorm) suggested a size S. They fit great, are mega comfy and are the perfect thickness of material. When I was an equestrian product developer in 2018, leggings were still coming into the market. I always found that the leggings were too thin and baggy around the knee. Not these ones thankfully. I have lovely thick horse riding thighs and the leggings just hug them in the right places, never budging either.


The silicone grip full seat is just lush. When I first rode in them, my mare bucked and bronked quite a bit and I was very secure in my saddle, thanks to the full seat grip. The leggings have two areas of branding that are made with the same silicone as the seat grip. This was a nice little surprise as I thought it was normal vinyl print. Vinyl print has had a history of coming off after a few washes. I had other equestrian garments that had his happen, even after 2 washes. Thankfully the Sandstorm branding on the leggings is well secured on and looks really luxurious too.

Them pockets though

The leggings have not one, but two massive pockets. Which is really handy, seeing as some leggings only have the one. You can never have enough pockets as an equestrian. They are nice and high up, so when you are in the saddle it is easy to get your phone into and out of the pocket. I have struggled with other brands in the past, having to use both hands to open the pocket and the pop my phone in, but not with the Sandstorm ones, super easy!

Overall I think these are an excellent addition to any equestrian wardrobe. The hunter green color is definitely my favourite, and by the looks of Sandstorms social media, its many riders favourite too. I imagine its not a color you find readily, and it goes great with burgundy!

RRP: €66.50 (But do check out their influencers, as they have 10% off codes)

You can shop the range here www.sandstormequestrian.com


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