I have been into horses for over twenty four years. In that time I have used, abused and flung out horse riding gloves. Below is the list of gloves I have used (and tossed) in every day use, competition and hacking out.

SSG All Weather Glove (Previously known as Universal)

In 2007 my mum took me to O’Breins saddlery in Bandon, Co. Cork to get me kitted out for pony club. I got my first Charles Owen young riders helmet (PC staple)  and a new pair of gloves. The shop attendant asked if I wanted “normal or nice” gloves. There were two options, the standard pimple gloves we have all endured, or the SSG Universal glove. So I went with SSG. At the time we paid €30.00 for them which was quite steep for a pair of gloves in our household. Assuming they were a good brand, I took them home. I used them for everything, lessons, hacking out at home, competitions and schooling. The grip was really good on them, but they began to diminish quickly.

I found my hands got cold easily when it was raining, and the stitching at the fingers began to fall away after 6 months. Along with that, the material began wearing away on the palm. The fit wasn’t the best for me either with it being slightly baggy around the base of my fingers. I got another pair a year later and vowed to only use them for lessons and shows. For everything else I used gardening gloves. They lasted a few more years (only using for good) but I didn’t re-purchase after that.

Today’s price: €49.95 (TRI Equestrian)

Roeckl Madison Ascot Gloves

In 2017 I was kindly sponsored by Orchard Equestrian. I received a gift card to order from their website and I got a pair of gloves and a pair of tendon boots for my horse. The gloves were €22.95 at the time and I was so giddy to have them. There were my first proper fancy gloves that I got myself. The were a nice fit, great grip and were a “pleather” like material on the palm side. They were snazzy and the Velcro strap had their logo on it, it was swish. Unfortunately for these gloves, they started to diminish very fast, like within a few months . I was only really using them for lessons and shows. Within a year, the palm side had completely fallen away and I was losing grip (photo below). They were very nice at the start and looked very swish, so I got another pair as the price point was quite good. I still have the second pair today and only use them for dressage competitions. Even with that, they have fallen away slightly around the fingers.

Today’s Price: Unknown, they have been discontinued. But similar type is €29.95 from Roeckl

SSG Digital Glove (Brown)

I got these brown SSG gloves in 2018 while working in an equestrian wholesale. While I was working there I kitted myself out with everything for showing, including these gloves. I wanted a smart pair of brown gloves for flat showing, working hunter and for dressage when I wore my tweed jacket. I really like these gloves, and still have the same first pair. They have superb grip, excellent fitting and still work great in the rain. I have only ever used these for competition and haven’t had any signs of wear and tear yet.

Todays Price: €39.95 (Saddles & Style)

SSG Reflect 24 Gloves

I won these gloves online in 2020. At the time they were SSG’s newest product for safe road hacking. The material around the pinky finger and wrist is supposed to be a metallic reflective material. When I first got them the fit was a bit off. The difference in material on the pinky finger didn’t have the same give as the rest of the glove. So it was a bit stiff on that finger at the beginning. After a wash, it was much better and over time with use it loosened out a good bit. The grip is great with them, not the best for keeping your hands warm in the wet winter but nice and bright for road hacking (to signal etc) I use them for lessons/schooling and to match my light pink base layer. I wouldn’t be pushed to buy another pair after they go.

Todays price: €38.46 (Old Mill Saddlery)

Town and Country Unimax Gardening Gloves

These are possibly my favourite glove of all time. I have had at least six pairs over the last eleven years and I will continue to use them because they are so brilliant. I started using them after my sister got me pair in 2012. They were priced at £12.99 back then. The gloves have a padded palm and reinforced finger tips. They are made of this suede like material that is super soft at the beginning and slowly turn to leather-like after good use. The fit is snug and comfortable and my hands have never been cold in them. Even winter hacking in the back end of the Beara peninsula, with the sideways rain and windchill factor. I used them for everything, cleaning stables, hacking, lessons, even going cross country, I had those pink gloves on. With daily use I got about 1.5 years out of them. With slightly less use I managed to stretch two years out of them. What normally happened was the index finger on my right hand would open, followed by my thumb. Then I knew I needed a new pair. I am just over a year using my latest pair and look good for another 12 months!

Todays Price: £18.99 from Town and Country website, and available on Amazon for £13.99


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