My revolutionary travel saddle car storage system was born in 2011. I originally come from the Beara Peninsula (West Cork). There was only a handful of pony clubbers in the area at the time, so when we would set off to camp or competitions, we would double up on another pony and rider from the club. Going to camp with two ponies, riders and all the horse stuff, you need space….and we had a small jeep

Being practical with how we organized the car with all the gear necessary was a skill. Utilizing not only the boot, but the front of the horsebox too. I always had a few plastic boxes in the front of the horsebox, secured with bungee ties. So things like bridles, saddle pads, boots and number bibs could all fit there

Leaving space in the boot for the precious saddles, grooming kits, clothing and helmets. Over the years the travel saddle had had many shapes, materials and sizes. But the core of the item was always the same. The saddle is held up by its own weight. Often when people see it they wonder how it stays up, how the rope isn’t a metal bar. What you see today is years of trial and error, tweaking and lots of testing. Ensuring the item is lightweight, portable and easily adjustable.

It has saved me so much space over the years. Even packing for the Riding Club festival this year. I managed to fit into my very average sized boot, my saddle, suitcase, tent, bridles, saddle pads, extra coats, sleeping bag, boots, clothing and hats (which I had three of). Without my Travel Saddle I wouldn’t be able to pack that economically. Saddles are just awkward shapes!

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