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Have a read of my research articles. I cover topics from a scientific perspective including tack, supplements and more.

It was ruled earlier this year that the Dutch National Federation was putting a ban on bandages in competitions. Bandages will “no longer be permitted on the competition site” from 1 March in vaulting, and 1 April for dressage, jumping and driving. They are already outlawed in eventing. […]
double bridle
With the recent photos of three top international dressage horses with oxygen deprived blue tongues, is it time to say goodbye to double bridles? In light of the recent photos taken by Crispin Parelius Johannessen of three top international dressage horses with oxygen deprived blue tongues, questions have risen around […]
combination bit
With the increased use of this bit, is it really made with equine welfare in mind? There was a trend seen in show jumping horses to combine a standard snaffle bit, and a hackamore bit together. It wasn’t long until combination bits, that encompass a mouth piece with nasal and chin […]